hello, world

It’s been a long while since I wrote anything for myself. Last time I wrote what you could call a “personal” blog post was almost three years ago (gasp), and for someone who calls herself a writer, that’s a really long time of Not Writing.

It is sad. Writing should come to me as naturally as breathing and yet, it’s so damn hard. After the long hiatus, not to mention all the blogs I’ve left in cyber limbo over the last few years, I’m not even sure if I could write anymore. Maybe I’ve just been kidding myself all along.

Self-doubt. Yes, that’s my biggest problem. That’s the reason why I find it so hard to just go ahead and write about things that matter to me. I doubt that I could find the right words. I doubt that anybody would care about what I say at all. I’m scared that if I put my thoughts to words, I would be judged and misunderstood. Yes, I’m a huge pussy.

I still haven’t given up, however. I know of at least three people who either believe I’m the ~greatest writer ever~ or have at least have told me that they love reading my stuff. I guess that’s good enough reason for me to keep going. That is why I’m here.

I still want to write and I think I could still get better at it. As long as I don’t stop.

(Note to self: Write when you’re exhilarated. Write when you’re feeling down. Write when you’re tired. Write when you feel lonely. You know well enough that there’s really nothing to be afraid of. Stop wasting time. You can still grow. So write about your thoughts and your hopes and dreams. Tell your story. Write for you, because you can be damn sure that no one else will.)


I love to write and I have some pretty interesting stories to share. I might actually be funny sometimes.

I’m marketing communications manager for a tech company, mother to a tween, and a film enthusiast. I love animals, indie music, and Peter Quinn of Homeland. I love road trips to the beach and I’m desperately figuring out a way to be able to travel the world someday.

Hello, world. My name is Naomi.


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