ready for 2016

It’s a bright new year and while I may still not be ready for Monday (because really, who is ever ready?) I couldn’t be more ready to own 2016. Things I’m excited about include what could possibly be the biggest thing to happen to my career *fingers crossed*; my brother’s wedding in May, which I’m coordinating, and more opportunities to travel.


To start the year right, let’s get to resolutions. One of the most important lessons I’ve come to learn at my age is to be more realistic with setting goals, for myself and for all other endeavors. A year goes by in a flash and there’s only so much you can focus on. As much as you want to do and be everything, you have to know what is most important, which areas you need to work on, and spend all your energy on those. So instead of creating a new list, I’m going to review last year’s list and improve on that instead.

So these are the things on my list from 2015:

1. Be more PRESENT.

Last year, I did make the effort to put down my phone or take my eyes off the computer screen whenever I’m with my daughter or with people I care about. It could be a real struggle but I found that it gets easier if you make it a habit. I’ll keep at it this year, and hopefully, try to impart the same lesson to my daughter as well. I don’t want her to become a tech zombie like a lot of young people these days. I will also plan and initiate more activities for the family, wherein we could unplug and spend quality time together.

2. WRITE more.

I still struggle on this one, honestly, but hey, I’m writing now! Although I started this blog late in the year, I couldn’t be happier doing so. This year, I promise to write a lot, and I mean a lot!

In 2015, I managed to use up quite a significant number of pages on my moleskine notebook, thanks to this article I stumbled upon. It talks about a 7-minute morning “ritual” that involves spending the first few minutes of your day just clearing your head and writing (or doodling) for a bit. Nothing too heavy or serious. Some deep breathing, a little meditating, as long as you strictly keep it to within seven minutes.

I’ve now got a number of entries on my “journal” with random thoughts just by following this habit and in those days when I fail to practice it, I do feel a big difference. Once I’ve mastered this special technique, who knows, maybe I can move on to, I don’t know, bigger rituals? Like jogs at 5AM, maybe? LOL.

3. Post more pictures.

My Instagram did get a lot of love in 2015 as opposed to the couple of years before that. So yeah, another modest success. More photos, coming up! A lot of them would be of my dogs. You’ve been warned.

4. Shop and pamper myself more.

I’m happy to report that I’ve held my end of the bargain on this one. I purchased a lot of dresses and I’m happy about it. Not enough shoes though. The year 2016 though will be all about skincare for me. I’m not getting younger and my eye bags are starting to grow eye bags, see?

Naomi Ruth Ganhinhin

I’m planning to head to the department store and buy myself cleansers, essences, toners, the works–pronto. Applying moisturizer already feels like such a huge task for me but ok, I’ll be less lazy in taking care of my skin this year. (Shoutout to my sister and cousin for being my beauty inspiration.)

5. Read more.

Another problem area for me. It really makes me sad that I no longer read as vigorously as I used to. Apart from a few editions of Sandman, the Graveyard Book, and chapters of Hunter x Hunter (manga), I haven’t read a lot of books in 2015. This year, hmm, let me see… I’ll set a target to read 10 books!

6. Travel more.

Had a couple of beach trips with the same group of people. Will try to go to at least 2-3 trips this year. I already have Pico de Loro accommodation vouchers (which I won at the office) waiting to be used so that’s one already lined up. I’ll definitely be watching out for those promo fares and hopefully, even score a trip abroad.

7. Start a project.

Too busy with work last year to actually do something on the side. I will keep trying to get started on my long-planned income-generating website this year. I just need to find a good niche. Speaking of projects, I’m turning my brother’s wedding into one! I’m really super excited about that. (A little secret: being a wedding planner is one of my dream jobs. OMG this could be my ticket to realizing this dream! Heh.) There’s also a lot of projects at work so it’s going to be a huge challenge but watch out, because I will kick major ass this year. 😉

So these are my personal goals for the year 2016. From the looks of it, I can’t afford to waste any time! But I’m super excited to get started, I really am.

Bring. It. On.


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