trying on my resting bitch face

Lately I’ve been trying to practice my Resting Bitch Face because, you know, ~wrinkles~. I’m not really sure as to the effectiveness of this “plan” or for how long I can keep it up, but one thing I know is that it’s a lot harder than it sounds!

The biggest issue here obviously is that it’s not a natural for my resting face to look like I just heard a really bad joke. Smiling is like the default for me and it’s ridiculous. In fact, if someone happens to crack a bad joke, I would most likely be giggling like an idiot.

I smile, laugh, and get excited over the smallest things that I sometimes worry that people would mistake me for a phony. But it’s just who I am. Maybe it’s partly my Asian upbringing, you know, being taught as kids to be kind and polite all the time. Or maybe my name, which has the literal meaning of (surprise) “pleasant,” had some influence on my being such a likeable person. LOL. (See? Even as I write I’m LOLing for no reason.)

So me trying Resting Bitch Face on is like teaching a teacup Maltese to look scary and fierce.


It takes serious effort like, I’d catch myself smiling while in public transport remembering something funny and then I’d immediately switch to Resting Bitch Face mode. Or, I’d be walking down the street trying to keep my face devoid of any expression and then I’d see someone I know and try (really hard) to keep my smize to 30% at most. And I’m pretty sure I just end up looking either sleepy or sick. Far from how I hope I’d look like:


I don’t know, will I ever succeed? Is it even worth it? According to Time, even the act of talking stretches muscles in ways that can cause wrinkles as you grow older. So maybe there’s no point because hello, should I try not talking too, then?

It’s still a fun experiment though, even if you could say I’m failing spectacularly. And besides, maybe people would take me more seriously if I smile less. Just as long as they don’t do things like surprise me with ice cream or give me the stickers I need for that Starbucks planner I want.


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