team dinner at vikings

Last Friday, my coworkers and I went to Vikings Megamall to redeem 8000 pesos’ worth of GCs we won from the talent contest during last December’s Christmas party. I’ve never been there but restaurant buffets in any shape or form are always most definitely a good thing. What I didn’t expect was to be taken right to the very gates of Valhalla. 

It wasn’t just a buffet. It was the mother of buffets.

There were designated buffet stations for different types of cuisine including Asian, European, and American, where you could help yourself to a wide array of choices in cold cuts, pasta, seafood, desserts, salads, and even beverages. I tried my best to do it justice by trying a bit of everything of course. We were there for three hours and all along I was thinking that this isn’t a bad way to live at all.

I have no proper food photos to show for it–only the additional pounds. You know how there are girls who always take pictures of their food before they eat? That’s kind of not my thing although sometimes, I do think about trying my own version of food porn. The problem is, I simply forget… about everything… when the food is in front of me! I’m helpless in the face of tender steaks, buttered veggies, and creamy pasta sauce, what can I do?

I did, however, remember to take photos of the team before things started getting serious:




You could say it wasn’t such a bad way to kick off the year. If you’d like to visit Vikings, I think the price per head is about 888 pesos for dinner plus service charge. Lunch is a little cheaper. You’d have to call them in advance for a reservation. If you’d like to see our “winning entry,” which won us such a sumptuous dining experience, you can find it here.


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