‘suits’ season 5 finale

Season 5 of USA Network’s Suits ended with what we all knew is bound to (but hoped doesn’t ever) happen at some point since the pilot. [SPOILERS]

The back half of the season was a roller coaster of events that started with Mike Ross finally being arrested for fraud from a tip-off gotten by US prosecutor Anita Gibbs through email. The accusations, counter-accusations, revelations, and deals offered and made have been all exhausting to watch at best and I thought it was good that the season at least had a conclusive ending.


I did miss all the funny banter and the hilarious scenes that made me love this series. The last few episodes were quite heavy with drama and I often felt some sense of nostalgia wishing things were back the way it was: Mike and Harvey kicking ass case-after-case while exchanging famous movie quotes, Jessica strutting about the office in her designer clothes and handbags, Louis Litt making everyone go crazy, Rachel being a foodie and managing not to be lost amidst such a colorful bunch of characters, Donna being Donna, and everyone just making such a fine team.

The issue with Mike proved to be a test on everyone’s loyalty, faith, and legal minds. I thought it was also an exercise on what really is the definition of guilt. We all knew Mike wasn’t a lawyer since the beginning. They all knew and were all equally culpable. So who’s fault was it really and how did everyone end up where they are? In a lot of ways, Mike’s secret strengthened the main characters relationships with each other and I guess relationships and protecting the people you care about is the prevailing theme of the series. Mike and Harvey. Mike and Rachel. Harvey and Jessica. Harvey and Louis. Harvey and Donna. Rachel and Donna. In the course of the series, what has always been the most interesting is watching everyone learn and grow.

And Mike did grow, because right before his arrest, we all know he intended to stop practicing law and set things right. Too bad too many people already knew about his secret at this point. So this begs the question, is he really guilty? Of what? The jury in Mike’s case didn’t find him so. Unfortunately, he’s already struck a deal with Gibbs in order to protect the firm. Jessica and Harvey won’t be going to jail anytime soon but unfortunately, because he pleaded guilty as part of the deal, everyone made a run for it and what was once a proud firm has been left empty.

However, I thought it was mighty selfless of Mike to postpone his wedding with Rachel. The girl’s heartbroken but of course it’s the right thing to do if her future’s at stake.

We are left with the question of “what happens now?” that [SPOILER] the mind-blowing turn of events led to Mike doing time in prison and Pearson Specter Litt being left in the cold by all its employees after the scandal.Will the producers explore Mike’s life in prison? I am secretly hoping they bank on him helping out fellow convicts or detainees who may be seeking for justice. There’s lot of material there. There’s always the option to do a time-skip, with events picking up after Mike is released but I don’t think that would be much fun. [/SPOILER]

Whatever they decide on, I will definitely be watching out for the next season. Can I just file a motion for more Jack Soloff, please.


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