something sad about selfies

Selfies are great. I think everybody should take as many and as often. See that selfie you took just now.. that exact same moment has come to pass and it’s now gone. Forever. But you managed to capture it thanks to the magic of light, and in the years ahead, if you ever find the need reconnect with that version of you, you’ll know exactly where to find it.

But I think there’s something quite sad about selfies too. I believe one unmistakeable expression of love is taking a picture of someone without them knowing it, as if in an attempt to let them see how beautiful they are and wishing they could see themselves the way you see them. It’s like wanting them to be able to have something that would allow them to hold on to a time in their life where everything was simple and there was a sparkle in their eye.

Taking a photo of someone without being asked, it’s wanting to freeze time around a really amazing moment and wanting them to remember that hey, you were there too.

And when there’s no one who takes your picture in this way, you take a selfie. You take another. And another.. until you find one that you feel satisfies your definition of you. You share it and people say they like it, which is good. Because that means you’ve managed once again to successfully hide all the guilt, sadness, and self-loathing you struggle with.

But if there is someone, take pictures of them too. Or better yet, take a selfie together.


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