‘suits’ season 5 finale

Season 5 of USA Network’s Suits ended with what we all knew is bound to (but hoped doesn’t ever) happen at some point since the pilot. [SPOILERS]

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the abominable bride + a false glimmer

I have seen a bunch of stuff lately and it kind of got hard to find time to write about them, but I committed to writing more this year and if I don’t start now, it’s never gonna happen. An idea just now: I think I should try writing about stuff as I watch them (but not in movie houses of course, for obvious reasons)? I don’t know but will see about that.

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you can’t eat your teachers, man

The day me and my daughter returned home after spending the holidays at my mom’s, it was the last weekend before work and school resumes so, we decided to spend it just chilling with some “family friendly” viewing. I also caught and enjoyed acclaimed movie-musical Hairspray on cable TV.

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